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4 Stages of Well-Being

feed your soul seed sprouters community May 12, 2022

If you’re reading this, you are most certainly on a path to health and well-being. You may be at the very beginning, just thinking about dipping your toe in the water, or perhaps you’re at the other end enjoying good health and a peaceful relationship with food.

A common mistake I see so often, is people with poor health and unhealthy food cravings—what I call being in the “weed” stage— attempting to live the life of someone in the “bloom” stage.

While I admire their grit, deep down I know they won’t be able to sustain that lifestyle for long.


Because it’s too far removed from their current habits.

You see, those living in the bloom stage:

  • eat and crave a wide variety of vegetables
  • crave exercise and do some form on an almost-daily basis
  • have a controlled appetite
  • rarely overeat
  • don’t beat themselves up when they do overeat

“Bloomers” not only enjoy this lifestyle, they crave it and describe it as natural.

Untapped health is inside of you

One thing I know for sure is we all have the seed of well-being planted inside of us. This includes you too! I like to think of this seed as untapped health potential just waiting to break through and sprout.

But unless you honor where you are now and work from that place, your seed will remain dormant.

Sure you may experience a little success like more energy, lower blood sugar, and maybe even some weight loss, but the changes you made to get you there won’t feel natural. You’ll long for the foods you enjoyed prior to embarking on this journey and I guarantee you’ll be right back to square one. Only now your confidence will be in the toilet.

Sound familiar?

Where are you on Mel’s Seed-Sprouting Map?

Friend, if you’re in the weed or seed stages and long to up your game, I want you to know that you can get to the next level. And if you’ll let me, I can help.

Or maybe you’re in the sprout stage and just can’t seem to reach the final bloom stage no matter how hard you try. I can help you too!

You can do this! I'm living proof it's possible

Through my own struggles with health and food I figured out a way to help others achieve optimal health and well-being. It's called Seed Sprouters!

Seed Sprouters is an online membership site that gives you the tools to reach your goals from where you are today, with me as your coach!

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Remember this: All bloomers began as weeders. They didn’t get where they are overnight. They started out making small, sustainable changes, while keeping their mind in a positive and uplifting place. Stage by stage they worked their way up to balanced eating habits and optimal health. You can too!


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