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Chew on This: Food Cravings

chew on this feed your soul Jun 27, 2022

Do you realize how amazing your body is? It has the ability to adapt to any number of dietary combinations forced upon it. 

This means you are 100% responsible for the food your body is craving at this moment.

In reality, the individual who craves chocolate and the one who craves salad, have both trained their body to prefer these foods. It has nothing to do with willpower, rather it’s a matter of how frequently you eat the food and the physical cravings that emerge over time.

In other words, your body craves what you feed it most. 

Yes, your taste buds are trained (by you) to crave the very foods you place upon them. They don't know any better
This is wonderful news, because it means no matter how horrible your diet is right now, you have the power to totally transform it and your body by doing one simple thing: start feeding it wholesome food.


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