Coping With Holiday "Food Pushers"

Nov 13, 2022

We all have them in our lives; my own mother happens to be one of them!

Disguised as your grandma, Aunt Ann, best friend or even co-worker, they have the best of intentions, but are super-annoying at the same time. They're called food pushers and can take the shape of any one of the following:


  • The Drill Sergeant: "Eat more! You're all skin and bones!"
  • The Questioner: "That's all you're going to eat?"
  • The Plate-Intruder: "Here, have another scoop of green bean casserole!"
  • The Peer-Pressure Bully: "Everyone's having a piece of cheesecake. You don't want to be left out, do you?"
  • The Guilt-Tripper (my mother's favorite tactic): "You must not like my cooking, you barely ate anything!" (Meanwhile, you just ate a whole plate of food)

There’s no better time of year than the holidays for your food pusher to get their fix.

You must stand your ground! Gone are the days of wolfing down that second helping of green bean casserole just to appease your pusher.

I continue to be amazed at the number of people who tell me they end up overeating because they don’t want to hurt their host’s feelings. Are you kidding me?!  The decision to eat is yours and yours alone. I’m not suggesting you tell them to buzz off (although that might work if they just don’t get the hint), just politely turn them down and they’ll move on to their next victim.

Try one of these replies on for size:

The Drill Sergeant: “Eat more! You’re all skin and bones!”

  • Your reply: “Are you kidding me? I’m about to bust out of these pants and couldn’t eat another bite if you paid me!”

The Questioner: “That’s all you’re going to eat?”

  • Your reply: “I assure you I’ve had plenty. Don’t worry, I know where to find it if I get hungry again!”

The Plate-Intruder: “Here, have another scoop of green bean casserole!”

  • Your reply: First hold up your hand to stop the intruder from dumping unwanted food on your plate and then say: “I’m really stuffed and if you put it on my plate it will just go to waste.”

The Peer-Pressure Bully: “Everyone’s having a piece of cheesecake. You don’t want to be left out, do you?”

  • Your reply (if you really don’t want a piece): “How about I skip the cheesecake but join you for the conversation?” 

The Guilt-Tripper: “You must not like my cooking, you barely ate anything!”

  • Your reply: “That’s not true! I love your cooking—I’m just really full!”

Don’t worry about offending your food pusher. In fact, don’t be surprised if they (and everyone else at the table) become envious of you for standing your ground!

And if you are the food pusher...knock it off! No one likes a bully. 😉 😘


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