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Don't Give Up!

Sep 05, 2021

Did you know that Thomas Edison failed 10,000 times before perfecting the incandescent lightbulb? 

Why didn't he give up at attempts 50, 550 or 9999? Because he viewed each attempt not as a failure, but rather an outcome that didn't quite work out.

And so he pressed on. 

How many times have you given up on improving your eating habits? Why did you give up? Chances are it was for one of the following reasons: 

  • It was just too difficult to keep up.
  • You missed your favorite foods. 
  • You had a craving for a “forbidden” food, gave into the craving, and then concluded that you "just don't have what it takes".

Don't you see? You are looking at this all wrong! Unlike the invention of the lightbulb, your success at building a healthier body doesn't depend on perfection. In fact, there's no such thing as a perfect eater. 

You are human, which means you experience true food cravings. Sometimes you crave a nutrient-rich apple, while other times it might be a slice of apple pie.

Your body is a smart machine! If you feed it nutritious food and physical activity, it will respond by firing off cravings for nutritious food and physical activity. 

When I was in my dark place battling binge eating disorder, I craved doughnuts, cake, and candy every day because I was eating these foods
every day! When I finally made peace with food and my body and started feeding it like a temple, the cravings for sugar diminished. 

Remember this: what you feed your body most, it will crave. 

Do I still crave doughnuts? Sure! But I crave fresh vegetables and fruit 50 times more because I eat them 50 times more than I do doughnuts. 

Do you get what I'm laying down here?

Please don't give up on yourself... because I’m sure not! 

If you've attempted to live a healthier lifestyle 9999 times with no success, try once more. Look at each past attempt just as Edison did: they were outcomes that didn't work. The truth is, you did create an just wasn’t the one you were after. 😉

This time give yourself permission to be imperfect.

The most important thing to remember is this: what you feed your body most, it will crave. 

Trust that beautiful temple of knows what it needs!


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