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Imagine a Healthy Body

feed your soul Nov 08, 2021

I loved writing short stories as a child. Using my imagination to give life to the images in my mind really brought me joy. 

I once wrote a story about a magic potion that possessed special powers. I called it “The Working Chemical”. Dad must have sensed there was an author inside of me because he held on to this literary masterpiece for decades (scroll to the bottom for a glimpse!). πŸ™ˆ

Sure enough, he was right because fast-forward forty years and I am still receiving the call to write. In fact, I am most filled with joy and contentment when I am creating.

I guess you could say I have a burning desire to write. 

What are your burning desires?


What desires are percolating inside of you

Burning desires can be passion-driven or outcome-driven.

Some examples of passion-driven desires include horseback-riding, knitting, volunteering at an animal shelter, writing, and cooking. You feel an inner-pull to engage in these activities and when you do, hours fly by in minutes. In other words, it’s the furthest thing from work.

Outcome-driven desires are those attached to a specific goal, like completing a 5K race, earning a college degree, honing your cooking skills, achieving healthy blood sugar, or improving your relationship with food. 


Burning desires and imagination


When we hear the word “imagine” we tend to think it’s solely reserved for children. After all, what little girl didn’t imagine she was a princess, and little boy, a superhero? But imagination is so much more than child’s play. In fact, it’s an extremely powerful tool you can use to transform your burning desires into reality. 

Cambridge Dictionary defines the word  imagine in these two ways:

imagine: to form or have a mental picture or idea of something

imagine: to believe that something is probably true

When you form a mental picture of something that you strongly desire and then have unshakable faith that this image is real and attainable, the plans, power, and inspiration to bring it to life will be given to you. 


Imagination = Spirit


In her book The Game of Life, author and spiritual teacher Florence Scovel Shinn classifies imagining as a spiritual process, governed by intuition.

Intuition is a peaceful, “knowing” awareness that defies logic. The late Dr. Wayne Dyer once said:
If prayer is you talking to God, then intuition is God talking to you

Scovel-Shinn encourages us to train our mind to receive these flashes of inspiration, and work out the "divine pictures". She goes on to say that
God's plan for each man transcends the limitation of the reasoning mind, and is always the square of life, containing health, wealth, love and perfect self-expression. Many a man is building for himself, in imagination, a bungalow, when he should be building a palace.


Your burning desires are a clue


If your desire for better health is a burning one that won’t go away no matter what, and you can see the image in your mind’s eye of the person you desire to become, well then this my friend is a clue that better health is 100% attainable.

There’s no question about it.

So it’s no longer a matter of: do I have what it takes to improve my health? The answer is a big fat YES!

The question now becomes: is my faith in this image strong enough to bring it to life?

Only you can answer that one.

By the way, I never wound up sharing the secret ingredients of the “working chemical”. I know, talk about a 40-year cliffhanger! 

Maybe, just maybe, the magic potion was a combination of burning desire, imagination, and faith. 

What do you think? πŸ§ͺπŸ‘ΈπŸ» πŸ™ 


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