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Life Without Calorie-Counting = Freedom

feed your soul Oct 18, 2021

Do you long for feelings of deprivation and a constant yearning for more and more food? Then pull out a calculator and start adding up every calorie you eat or plan to eat. 

Sadly, this is what I used to do. I say sadly because I believe it was one of the major players fueling the life blood of my binge eating disorder. This is why the mere thought of calorie-counting or strict calorie levels turns my stomach inside out.

This isn’t math class, it’s eating— a life-sustaining activity that’s
supposed to be enjoyable.


Creating a monster


Something strange and disturbing happens when you set limits on how much you’re “allowed” to eat. It’s like you turn into a totally different person, or species for that matter. 

It reminds me of that scene in Michael Jackson’s infamous
Thriller video when he transforms into a werewolf right before his girlfriend’s terror-stricken eyes (see minute 2:10).

No matter how hard he fights it, the blood-thirsty fangs and flesh-tearing claws bust through. Man to beast in under 60 seconds. 

Yes, as humans we are all so very different, yet there are areas where we are very much alike. For example, take yourself back to the last time you went on a calorie-controlled diet.

First comes the food obsession. Because it’s human nature to always want what you can’t have, if you are prescribed, say 1700 calories per day, how much do you want to bet you’ll want 1750?

Next your “stop eating” switch becomes temporarily disabled. Rather than tune into your God-given ability to sense when your body has had enough, you find yourself eating more than you need. And thanks to the inner beast born out of that calorie limit, your inner rebel has no choice but to poke through. Before you know it, you’re eating like a caged animal who hasn’t been fed in a week.

A calorie-counter isn’t focusing on how her body is responding to the food it’s just been fed. It’s only concerned with how many stinkin’ calories it's just eaten and how many measly calories it has left for the day. 

This is precisely why I stopped listing calories on my recipes. They don’t matter! What matters is the quality of food you feed your body. That’s. It! 


Quiet your inner-beast


There’s only one way to quiet your inner beast: trust that your body knows how much it needs. 

Yes, it does!

You were once a beautiful little baby, blessed with the most precise ability to sense hunger and fullness. You were like brain surgeon-precise! If three ounces of breast milk is all your wee little body needed to be satisfied, there’s not a darn thing in the world your mama could’ve done to make you drink another drop. Now that’s impressive! 

And now? Now, you are a beautiful grown adult...with the same raw materials buried inside. Like riding a bike, you can relearn this precious gift! 




And for heaven’s sake…STOP COUNTING CALORIES! (Yes, I’m shouting...but I’m doing it with so much love for you! That's why it's in pink. 😘)

As soon as I stopped counting calories and started listening to my body, I settled in comfortably at my current size. I haven’t counted calories in years and yet I still wear the same size. Coincidence? I don’t think so! Genetically blessed?’re so cute. 


Discover your missing peace


It’s time to stop counting and start listening to and trusting your body to tell you when it’s had enough. Adding up every piece of food you eat is no way to live!

I guess the real question you must ask yourself is this:

Would you rather live at peace, in control, free and untethered...or like a ravenous caged beast?

It’s up to you.


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