Tiny Steps: The Key to Reaching Your Health Goals

feed your soul Jan 01, 2022

Happy New Year my friend! 2022, a fresh new year filled with brand new intentions. Or maybe you’re taking another stab at last year’s goal to improve your health by adopting some healthy habits, like eating more vegetables, getting more exercise, and cutting back on sugar and processed food.

If you’re like most well-meaning folks, last year’s intentions started out strong, but then you gradually lost motivation to keep going. Before you knew it you were back to your old habits…the ones that got you into trouble in the first place! 

I’ll just bet you blamed your short-lived journey on a lack of willpower, didn’t you? 

Well, I have some good news! It had nothing to do with willpower. 

Let me tell you something. If your intentions were strong enough and you felt that exhilarating spark of inspiration to get started, you absolutely, without a doubt had the raw materials to see your goals through…to sprout your seed of well-being! 

So what went wrong?

Chances are you began the journey attempting to break your old habits. And you probably did it with a restriction-based mindset too. January 1st and you already had two strikes against you.

In this New Year’s post, I offer my take on why this doesn’t work, along with a better-feeling solution that takes into account your humanness. Not only that, by using this new system you will form automatic habits that actually become part of you. Like brushing your teeth first thing in the morning, there is no back and forth decision to be made. You just do it! And you do it with ease.

Achieving your health goals: What doesn’t work

What spells disaster from the word go? Attempting to
break current habits by following a restrictive plan. I’m sure you’ve been there! It starts with a list of “forbidden” and “allowed” foods, the familiar: throw out everything in my kitchen and replace it with chia seeds, kale, and lentils…and then try to figure out what the heck to do with it all!

Sound familiar?

Why doesn’t it work? 

I’m a lover, not a fighter, but if you want to see me get into fighting position, go ahead and take away my favorite foods. My point? Food is very personal. Probably one of the most personal aspects of our lives! So when we willingly embark on a restrictive diet in the name of “better health," our inner-child comes out and we immediately want to retaliate. 

Nothing disturbs a peaceful state of mind more than inner conflict, which is what happens when we set out to “break” old habits that are no longer serving us. 

An example of this is eliminating sugar from your diet. Let’s say your goal is to lose ten pounds and get your blood sugar under control. You make a pact with yourself to stop eating sugar. This is a noble goal, yes, but unfortunately you are going about it the wrong way. 

What you are really doing is picking a fight with sugar. 

Imagine a battlefield, on which the two opposing forces are you and your habit of eating sugar. There you are facing each other with weapons drawn. You want this habit gone, but it doesn’t want to go! It’s been part of you for so long, like an ugly, useless wart, it’s not going down without a fight. Try as you might to kill it off, like a two-ton boulder its sticky feet are planted so firmly on the ground that any attempt to remove it leaves you feeling exhausted and defeated.

This begs the question: why exactly do we do this to ourselves in the first place? It didn’t work in 2021…and it ain’t gonna work in 2022!

What does work?

The only way out is to call a truce with your old habits. Make peace with them. 

By approaching them in a friendly manner, they no longer feel threatened and therefore loosen their grip.  

If you really want to build long-lasting habits, you must leave the restrictions and exclusions at the door and step into a new and inclusive world, where you allow
all foods to be in the running. This is the only way to get your mind in a peaceful and fertile place, one primed for cultivating healthy habits. 

Reach your 2022 health goals with Tiny Steps!

We all need a core set of habits we repeat every day to help move the needle in the direction of well-being. It’s not about breaking current habits, but sprinkling in a small collection of tiny, yet powerful steps throughout your day...starting with just one. 

I call them Tiny Steps-daily action steps you take towards your goal. The beauty of Tiny Steps is you aren’t taking anything away! Their purpose is to help you crave foods and habits that are good-for-you, without eliminating those that aren’t. You’re allowing sugar to be in the running, so there’s no battle to be fought. 

This is the key element to making peace with your food.

What’s more, with each Tiny Step you take, your old habits weaken and eventually crumble. Using our sugar example, a Tiny Step of eating more vegetables causes a diminishment in your taste for sugar. 

And the law responsible for this shift in your tastebuds? It’s called resilience: the ability to spring back into shape. 

The truth is, your body wants to be fed wholesome food on a regular basis. How do I know? When you clean up your diet, your health improves! How much more proof do you need?

Remember this: your body craves what you feed it most

Your body craves what you feed it most.

Feed it sugar, it’ll crave sugar. Feed it more veggies than sugar and not only will it crave veggies, it’ll lose its taste for sugar. 

Meanwhile, as you’re busy planting and watering healthy seeds day after day—drinking plenty of water, eating more vegetables, taking a brisk walk after dinner—your seed of well-being is preparing to sprout. Of course you can’t see the evidence of improved health right away, but that doesn’t mean it’s not blooming beneath the surface. Just stick with it and I promise it will happen. It’s the law!

Galatians 6:7 :

You will always harvest what you plant. 

3 Tiny Steps to get you started in 2022

I’ve built many positive habits over the years, and just like brushing my teeth, they are now part of me. But it didn’t happen overnight! So go ahead and lower your expectations my friend. Slow down! This isn’t a race. 

To get you started on the path to a healthier you in 2022, I’d like to offer you my top three most powerful Tiny Steps. My health is what it is because of them and the other Tiny Steps I practice on a daily basis. Give them a try or feel free to create your own! 

My only rule is that your Tiny Step should be inclusive, not exclusive. Here’s the difference:

  • Inclusive Tiny Step: Add vegetables to one of my meals every day. 
  • Exclusive Tiny Step: Eliminate sugar from my diet. 

Do you see (and feel) the difference? The first is empowering and the second just feels downright icky. It makes you want sugar all the more! Avoid exclusive language and goals at all costs.

OK, now for my top three most powerful Tiny Steps:

  • Tiny Step 1: LEMONIZE! Drink 12 ounces (or more) of water mixed with a tablespoon of fresh lemon juice every day when you first wake up.

  • Tiny Step 2: VEG OUT! Enjoy two cups of raw (or lightly cooked) veggies with one of your meals or as a snack each day.

  • Tiny Step 3: GO GREEN! Add greens to one of your meals each day.

If you really want the Tiny Step process to work for you, the two most important things to remember are simplicity and consistency. Start with just one Tiny Step and hit repeat every day until it becomes part of you. This works, I promise! But you must stick with it. 

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