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Want to Heal? Forgive Yourself

feed your soul Nov 22, 2021
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Want to Heal? Forgive Yourself

The holiday season is about forgiveness. We forgive those who have wronged us and hopefully, apologize to those we have wronged. We learn to accept the pesky annoyances of our family and friends and love them despite and because of those imperfections.

But wait! What about you?

  • Have you forgiven yourself for gaining those ten (or 20, 30, 40, 50) pounds?
  • Have you let go of the fact that you’ve neglected to stick to a regular exercise program?
  • Are you over the reality that you've outgrown your size twelve jeans?

If you’re still holding on to your perceived "imperfections" and all of the ways you’ve “wronged” yourself…


Let go!

Forgive yourself and move on!

Why is it we’re so quick to smile and forgive others but have the toughest time making amends with ourselves? Understand this—if you’re holding a grudge against yourself, you’ll never be in a position to improve.

It’s like the boss whose idea of effective management is belittling his staff. Does he ever achieve a team that goes above and beyond the call of duty? Is he respected? Do they want to do the best possible job, or merely put in their time, punch out at the end of the day and go home?

If you manage yourself by way of negative self-talk, name-calling and self-pity, you’d be better off slapping yourself in the face. It will do far less damage! 

Every time you put yourself down (either out loud or in your head), it doesn’t just end there—evaporating like fog on a window. You actually plant a seed in your brain that you are in fact every bad word you called yourself: fat, ugly, weak, unworthy, etc.

In other words, you become that person. Yep, you talk yourself right into it!

You must forgive yourself before anyone else this holiday season.

Before you even attempt a new exercise program, it's imperative that you stop lamenting over your year-long couch potato-ness. It doesn’t matter now.

Start with a clean slate. Embrace your now size 14 (or 16, 18, or 20). Love the skin you’re in, because it only gets better.

Laugh at your perfectly imperfect quirks—like your undying love of Lucky Charms and maple-iced Jack Frost Donuts (OK…I'll own those). 😉

The moment you let go and surrender to what is, you're on your way to lasting peace with your food, body, and health. 

Happy Thanksgiving my sweet friend. I am so very grateful for you!




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