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Why You Should Ditch Your Scale

feed your soul Jan 31, 2022

Imagine standing on the bathroom scale in your birthday suit and a stranger barges in pointing, laughing, and shouting insults at you.  

At first you'd feel embarrassed because you're naked, but once you grabbed a towel, kicked them out, and called the cops, hurt feelings would naturally begin to bubble up. The rest of your day (and week) would be spent feeling less than.

My friend, this is exactly the type of experience you open yourself up to the moment you choose to step on the bathroom scale.

There are only two possible outcomes here:

  1. You're up a pound or two and feel like a slob, discounting all of the hard work you’ve put into living a healthier lifestyle. How many times have you turned to food after the scale displayed a displeasing number?
  2. You're down a pound or two and feel like a rock star. The sun is shining, the birds are singing, and you just know today is going to be amazing. Yet, it may have nothing to do with actual fat loss. Maybe you're dehydrated or just had a killer bowel movement!

In case you couldn't tell, I think scales stink! What does that number mean anyway? And who cares? It's time to stop basing your self-worth on a stupid number. I've witnessed far too many women beat themselves up and fail to truly show up for life because they haven't reached their "perfect" weight. And it breaks my heart.

Life is short. It's so damn short it could be over by the time you reach the end of this sentence. Do you really want to spend the precious moments of your life obsessed with a number? 

I'd like to invite you to consider these important questions instead, because they are so much more indicative of true health- physical, emotional, and spiritual health:

  • How do I feel in my skin?
  • Am I at peace?
  • Is my body physically healthy? (i.e. glucose/hemoglobin A1C; HDL cholesterol; vitamin D level; blood pressure, etc.)
  • Can I walk up a flight of stairs with relative ease?
  • Am I joyful?
  • Do I feel alive with energy most days?
  • Am I confident in my ability to make healthy choices?

If you want to get real about your health, get rid of your bathroom scale and start paying attention to how you feel. As you begin each day anew, ask yourself: How do I want to feel physically, emotionally, and spiritually? Let your answers to these questions guide your food choices.

Yes, if you have achy knees, low energy, or your bloodwork is out of whack, "downsizing" your body may be necessary. But let your clothes serve as the yardstick. Not the clothes you want to fit into, but the ones on your back. The jeans that fit comfortably (or maybe a bit snug), not the pair you have to lay on your bed to zip! 😉 When they feel loose, you know your efforts are paying off! 

My sweet friend, you are so much more than a number. You are a gift to this world, full of light, possibility, and purpose. We are all here waiting for you to show up now, not when you've reached the "perfect" number that, let's be honest, may not even be the right one for you.  

You are loved not because of your weight, but because you're you!



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