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You are Not Broken

feed your soul Aug 01, 2022

It’s Sunday morning and there you are sitting at the kitchen table enjoying a cup of coffee when suddenly, the power goes out. You call the electric company and within a couple of hours they arrive, flip a switch, and presto!

Power is restored. 

But guess what? The power wasn’t dead. It didn’t vanish into thin air either. It was merely…interrupted. 

The outage may have resulted from high winds, a lightning strike, or the high power demands of a heat wave. Whatever the reason, something interfered, causing it to “trip.” 

There’s something you need to understand about the amazing person called you. 

Deep inside of you is a place that knows only well-being. It’s always there and forever shining bright. The problem is, you can’t always sense it and therefore often make choices from an imaginary, broken, interrupted place. For example:

  • Perhaps you are experiencing turbulent, tornado-like times such as a messy divorce. You decide to confide in your best friends Chardonnay, Ben, and Jerry. After all, they are great listeners and never judge.  
  • Maybe you got struck by a bolt of disease like cancer or diabetes and feeling defeated, you sink into the couch and soak in a week-long pool of denial. 
  • Or maybe it’s noon on a Monday and you’re still steaming over the inconsiderate jerk who cut you off on the freeway this morning. You'll show indulging in a creme-filled donut in the office break room.

But wait! Don’t you see? Your power hasn’t left you.

Your switch got tripped, that’s all!

Access to your power was temporarily interrupted by your perception of the antagonist in question: the soon-to-be ex; the disease; the reckless driver on I-77 North. 

Not even the most offensive, intrusive, larger-than-life nemesis has the power to dim your light of well-being. Through it all, it shines brighter than ever.

To sense it however, you must reset your switch. But how?


Take a deep breath in and out, and shift your perception. That’s it!


Remember, just because you can’t “see” electricity, doesn’t mean it isn’t flowing. The same goes for your ever-present light of well-being.


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