Hello my sweet friend! 


I am so glad you found your way here. I'm Mel Jatsek, a registered dietitian nutritionist on paper and beneath the surface:

  • An adorer of all things food (especially chocolate!)

  • A fierce advocate for dietary balance- in fact, I am often heard saying “No food is forbidden!”

  • A believer in the magical power that lies within each of us (that means YOU) to change our health for the very best.

  • Crazy passionate about helping people transform their relationship with food and create the body they were meant to live in.

  • A closet rap music-lover. Oops…I guess I’m out!

Yes, I am a teacher... but I'm also a faithful student of this work. You see, in the late 90s, I spent three years in a downward spiral of extreme food restriction and binging, landing me in a dark and lonely place with a condition called binge eating disorder. I was addicted to food. I’m talking donuts with enough frosting to knock your teeth out!

Today, my relationship with food is one of peace. Don’t get me wrong, I still adore a sickeningly sweet, frosting-rich donut, but that donut no longer controls me. And to what do I credit this transformation? My 3-year battle with binge eating disorder. 


Hitting rock bottom was exactly what I needed to crack me open. Like a flashlight in a pitch black room, I slowly began to understand the reason behind my struggles with food. 


As years passed, I met and had conversations with hundreds of people from all walks of life who were fighting their own battles with their health and food.


It has become my life’s mission to help you make peace with your food and body. No longer do you have to chase after good health...because it's already planted inside of you.


Imagine such a world...

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